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“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” ― Coco Chanel

Written By Seda Bitter ***

Fear, anxiety,
ready for this big festival
Excitement, preparedness, 
never knowing what you're walking in to,
who you're going to meet. 
Your life is going to change. 
This world is nothing like I've ever experienced. 
Complete immersion into a world that feeds your soul. 
The closer you get, the freer you feel, to be yourself, to be who you want. 
I've never felt so alive.

This is the life of a festival goer.

Bass canyon will be my first huge festival, in fact one of the top in the world. The love, energy, and freedom calls my name. I'd say this is a once in a lifetime experience, but most of us do this every summer. The wubs ignite our passion. I get to camp here for three days August 23-25 with some of my closest friends, and of course my best friend, me. We laugh, we rage, we bond. Together we tackle launching the start of a new beginning. Together, we change the world. 
We're apart of something bigger, and it all starts in the gorge.

Blog Written By Seda Bitter @_no.drama.llama

Photo: @_no.drama.llama and @wookphoto