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Inside her, something awoke…

A powerful confidence she’d never felt…

This is how I feel every time I put on a pair of Purna Petal’s amazing pasty sets!

I have never been one to put my body on display but something in me awoke and now I love to express my freedom with these pasties.

Getting ready for events is one of my favorite things. I always start with picking out a pair of pasties. Finding the perfect pair is so satisfying! Being a sparkle fiend, these pasties never disappoint. Once I pick out the pair that matches my personality for the day, I find rave bottoms. Gotta match ‘em to your high waisted shorts!

When the perfect outfit is complete, I look for accessories. My favorite is my pashmina, perfectly wrapped to showcase my amazing pasties. Sometimes, a mask or leg wraps are a necessity. Of course, I then move on to my makeup. I’m a super simple lady and love natural, subtle makeup… which helps bring out the glitz and glam each of the pasties is designed with! Don’t get me wrong, face jewels or glitter are almost always the perfect addition to the outfits, but it mustn’t overwhelm the outfit… wait… who am I kidding? THERE’S NEVER TOO MUCH GLITTER.

Being able to attend events in just pasties as a top has been such a relieving experience for me. I love being able to walk through crowds and be the most interesting thing to look at. Purna Petals pasties shine like the sun and I couldn’t imagine walking around in a less attention-grabbing piece of art.

Written By Seda Bitter