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Festival Packing List

Hey friends!
My name is Ashlee De, your friendly neighbourhood festival fairy! Small introduction, I have been going to music festivals for quite a few years now and have suffered the trials and errors related to under-packing/over-packing. I would like to save you some of the time and trouble related to what to bring to a festival.
Please know this is a living breathing list! It changes based on what festival you may be going to and hey, it may not be perfect for everyone!
Camping and basics:
❏ Sleeping Ear Plugs - The morning comes VERY quickly when you are up until 5am dancing!
❏ Eye Mask - See above.
❏ Music Ear Plugs - Protect your hearing! Bring these to avoid paying the festival premium of purchasing while there.
❏ Carabiner / Water Bottle
❏ Water Jugs - one for grey water, one for camp water.
❏ Mirror - Be sure to check on the glass limitations at the festival!
❏ Spray Water Bottle - For misting yourself.
❏ Towels
❏ Emergency Blanket (the shiny ones in medical kits) - Use this on your tent to keep it WAY cooler inside in the morning sun. This is a must have!
❏ Good Clothing Pins - used to pin the emergency blanket to your tent.
❏ Coolers
❏ Pillows — Easy item to forget.
❏ Bedding
❏ Charging Cables for Phones
❏ Battery Packs
❏ Moving Blankets - Thick blanket for under your air matt protecting it from the rocks under the tent.
❏ Paper Towels
❏ Glue - Small bottle
❏ Bug Spray - Deet free!
❏ Safety Pins - GOOD ONES - Costume fixing on the fly is a thing.
❏ Air Pump
❏ Hand Fans - For the dance floor and beach.
❏ Hammer/tools - For setting up your tent.
❏ Tiki Torches - I bring solar ones, these are used to mark which is my tent.
❏ Sewing Kit - Mini one with scissors.
❏ Pot/pan
❏ Tent
❏ Air Mattress
❏ Cart - For getting things from your car back to your camp. Must have!
❏ Battery Powered Tent Fan
❏ Propane - Small bottles only!
❏ Cups/bowls/cutlery
❏ Camp stove
❏ Lanterns/flashlights/head lamps
❏ Chairs
Clothing and Toiletries:
❏ Purna Petals - Can be worn literally any time at any festival. I often wear them in lou of a top or under see through clothing. SO many compliments!
❏ Hats
❏ Jewelry
❏ Utility belt/Fanny pack
❏ Warm and Cool Jammies
❏ Underwear
❏ Bright Fun Things/Costumes - I cannot stress enough how out of the box and creative you can be here. I have some pretty wild outfits that are only for festivals and I can say I get nothing but praise and compliments walking around.
❏ Furs and Spirit Hoods
❏ Swimming Stuff
❏ Shorts
❏ Warm clothes - It will get WAY colder than you think at night at MOST festivals.
❏ Jeans - Just in case, remember the nights get really cold!
❏ Socks - Warm ones
❏ Tights and Fishnets
❏ Onesies
❏ Sandals - Please remember to bring more than one pair of shoes! You never know what could happen.
❏ Closed Toes
❏ Tweezers
❏ Baby wipes
❏ Sunscreen
❏ Toothpaste
❏ Medical tape
❏ Face wipes
❏ Bandaids
❏ Hair Ties
❏ Hair Products
❏ Lotion
❏ Pain relief/ salve
❏ Bobby pins
❏ Body paint
❏ Make up brushes
❏ Make up
❏ Perfume
❏ Deodorant
❏ Toothbrush
❏ Cash ★ — SUPER IMPORTANT. I try to bring more than I might need because the line for an ATM, if there even is one, takes HOURS. Plus, they run out of cash quickly.
❏ Glow Sticks
❏ Hula Hoops / Poi Toys / Totems
❏ Gifts and Trade items - very important if going to a Burner event.
❏ Snacks and Food - I decided not to include my list on this but instead, my notes. In my experience, I never eat as much as I think I will. I also find myself a 20 min walk to my camp so I buy a lot of food from vendors. I suggest you bring snacks, maybe plan breakfast meals as a group but outside of that, it wont likely get eaten.
  • Glass Bottles
  • Glitter - so bad for the environment!
  • Feathers - often banned for the same reason as glitter.
  • Weapons
  • A Bad/Judgmental Attitude
  • Pets - Not a place for pets.
Remember, even if you forget some things, the festival family is usually pretty good about taking care of their own. Don’t Stress!
Sleep! Please sleep. Take naps through the day to prep you for long and fantastic nights. Eat lots of snacks and bring healthy options for yourself. I like to bring pre-made bottles juices and smoothies to keep my vitamins up :)
Please comment things that I missed or are you absolute must haves at any festival! I find I always forget something.. Even as a seasoned raver.